In our Kiteschool we teach with one of the bests kite brands in the world - core kites

Our Gear

We teach with 2017/2018 Core kites which are one of best brands on the market. We've chosen them because of their stability and durability which makes them good for every level kiter.  We have 2-4 different kite models depending on the time of the season so our more advanced students can try different kites.

Foilsurfing in La Ventana is possible - in front of ChiloChill when El Norte comes.

Gear Rental

We use the same high quality 2017/2018 Core kites for lessons and for rent. You can also try variety of twin tips and different bars.
Ask the office which kite would be best for you and for conditions predicted for the day.

Prices of rental:
- Kite only – 70$/day*
- Kite + bar – 80$/day*
- Board – 30$/day*
- Harness – 15$/day*
- Kite + bar + board – $100/day*

* plus tax (16% iva)

We rent our gear only to independent riders. 
If you are not sure of your abilities, we recommend taking a lesson, so our instructor can confirm your level and give you approval for renting.

Independent rider knows how to:
1. Set up a kite and connect the lines  2. Launch and land safely  3. Retrieve the board  4. Ride up wind and do transitions  5. Apply rules of way  6. Perform self-rescue
If you miss at least one of these points we recommend you taking a lesson.

While renting you will be asked to fill our rental waiver and leave your credit card details or your ID while gear is with you. The equipment has to be returned to the school everyday before 5 pm. If wind doesn’t pick up - equipment has to be returned before 2 pm. Rented equipment can’t be taken from La Ventana but of course you can do the downwinder from hot springs.

Kite gear rental - in Kiteboarning school in La ventana, Baja California Sur, Mexico - CHILOCHILL



Demo Days

Except renting the gear we offer to try new Core kites like GTS5, Nexus or XR5 for free on our Demo days.

Contact us for more info.

+52 1 612 212 9655